About Us

Over 57 Years of Service

Broadway Flying J Travel Plaza has been serving the highway traveler since 1963. Family run for over 57 years, we understand the things that are most important on the road and make sure that we always provide quality fuel and great food at fair prices. Taking care of the driver and being their home away from home is what differentiates us from our competitors. Stop at Broadway and we will make that long trip a little easier.

We Go the Extra Mile

We strive to make every stop an exceptional experience at our facilities! Going the Extra Mile is the distance between our customers fulfilling their needs and Broadway exceeding their expectations. We strive to do our best welcome our customers and make sure they have what they need so that they can get back on the road – ready for where ever that drive will take them next.

Where It All Began

It started with a handshake between the once logger, turned fuel island attendant, turned gas station manager, Don Alsaker and the owner of the 5th Avenue Fuel Stop, Chuck Williams. They decided to become partners and move their facility to the newly constructed Interstate 90 which cut through Spokane, Washington. Little did they know; they were embarking on a journey that would out last both of them, delivering the Broadway Travel Plazas you use today.

In time, Alsaker would buy out his partner, bring on his wife, Bernice and they worked non stop to make their business thrive. Their son, Dan, started in 1972 shortly after he finished college and is the president of the company today. “During one of my first days on board, my dad approached me and told me he was going to put me on a half-day schedule. It was a 24 hour clock and I could choose which 12 hours I wanted to work,” said Dan. “We all worked 12-hour days to keep the doors open.”

Beyond work ethic, the Alsakers, developed a new brand of service. They called it, “Going the Extra Mile.” At Broadway, they were committed to taking extraordinary care of those people under their roof. By create a caring, family atmosphere that has endured, Broadway is a home away from home for everyone who stops by.